white bass in Texas

Each spring, Texas anglers hit the water for the white bass run. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department photo

The annual white bass run is a minor spring holiday in Texas, and it is well underway in the Highland Lakes. The popular game fish is making its way up streams, creeks, and rivers to spawn, creating excellent angling opportunities.

White bass, sometimes called sand bass, are early spring spawners that leave lakes and reservoirs to mate in shallow tributaries. They typically seek out running water and gravelly or rocky substrate to spawn.

Due to drought, the Highland Lakes might have a weaker white bass run than normal in 2024, according to a media release from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

“In Central Texas, the Hill Country and South Texas, the run could be hit and miss due to some rivers and reservoirs currently experiencing low water levels and low flows,” reads the release. “These conditions could impact the timing and size of the white bass run.”

While certain area creeks and streams are low due to drought, the Llano and Colorado rivers are still flowing.

The TPWD recommends Colorado Bend State Park for the best access to Colorado River fishing and the Kingsland Slab for public access to the Llano River.

White bass can be targeted from the bank or by boat with everything from artificial lures to flies and minnows. The daily bag limit is 25 with a 10-inch minimum. Find Texas fishing rules and regulations on the TPWD website. And see what other fish are biting in the Highland Lakes.